IUT is a hub of multicultural diversity that ascertains a harmonious academic environment. It provides a platform for students from across 57 different countries of the OIC to share and disseminate knowledge that harbors uniqueness and versatility in academics. This also accentuates the richness and diversity of the academic and research environment at IUT.

IUT ensures an academic environment for producing quality scientists and engineers equipped to face the rapidly growing technological challenges currently encountered by the Muslim Ummah. A part of the student education expenses is funded by the OIC member states. This provides a lucrative opportunity for the students to get quality education at an affordable cost.

The University currently offers around 10 undergraduate programs covering a wide ken of engineering and technical fields, as well as business studies, creating a sound bridge between technology studies and the entrepreneurship skills needed to utilize these knowledge globally. These programs offer the knowledge and skill for the students to remain abreast of the latest technological advancements and respond to the technological needs of the Muslim Ummah and also have the technical know-how of anticipating the industrial and market dynamics of technology for its efficient implementation.

The motto of making the Muslim Ummah as the forerunners of technology, therefore welcome all prospective students to apply for the undergraduate studies in IUT and take their first stepping stones for getting quality education in an international environment.



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