Notification for Newly admitted students

The newly admitted students have to provide their personal details and medical history through the IUT Website from 26 December, 2016 to 02 January, 2017. (Link will be available later)

Further, the students have to provide the following medical certificates and reports to IUT medical centre from 26 December, 2016 to 02 January, 2017 to collect the medical fitness certificate.

Three Fitness Certificates:
  1. General Fitness certificate from a Medicine Specialist
  2. Eye-sight certificate from an Eye Specialist
  3. Hearing certificate from an ENT Specialist
Laboratory Reports
  1. Blood for TC, DC, Hb, ESR
  2. Urine -RME
  3. Chest X-ray with report
  4. VDRL report
  5. HBsAg report
  6. HIV Screening report
  7. MT Test report

Before submitting the medical reports and laboratory reports, the students should submit personal details and medical history through the online form mentioned earlier.

Finally, the academic certificates of the newly admitted students will be verified in IUT from January 03, 2017 to January 04, 2017. The students have to bring the following documents and items for verification.

  1. Original Certificate and Transcript/Marksheet (SSC/Equivalent/"O"-level and HSC/Equivalent/"A"-level)
  2. Photograph (recent): 12 copies(Passport size)
  3. Photograph (recent): 06 copies(Stamp size)
  4. Digital Photograph (same as above) (jpg/jpeg/png format)
  5. For Bank Account: One copy passport size Photograph of Nominee
  6. Money Deposit Receipt
  7. Medical Fitness Certificate from IUT Medical Centre