Nomination And Selection Criteria For Host Country (Bangladesh)

a) Merit List for Admission Test:

As per decision of the authority all of the valid applicants will be allowed to attend IUT Admission Test for this session.

Marks (X) will be calculated from GPA as per following rule. This X will be used to generate final merit list (see section b). -

X= Selected subjects GPA of HSC * 12 + Selected subjects GPA of SSC * 8

Selected subjects for HSC GPA: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English (4 subjects)
Selected subjects for SSC GPA: All Subjects excluding optional subject

In case of tie: Following criteria will be followed to break the tie-

  1. Selected subjects GPA of HSC
    Then GP of HSC subjects in the following order :
  2. Mathematics
  3. Physics
  4. Chemistry
  5. English
  6. Bangla

    Then GP of SSC subjects in the following order :
  7. Mathematics
  8. Physics
  9. Chemistry
  10. English
  11. Bangla
    Then Year of HSC Exam :
  12. 2016
  13. 2015

b) Final Merit List:

Final merit list will be prepared based on 200 marks with 100 marks from Admission Test (Y) and 100 marks calculated from Selected subjects GPA (X)

In case of tie: Following criteria will be followed to break the tie-

  1. Y (marks obtained in the written test)
    Then Marks obtained in individual subjects in the written test:
  2. Mathematics
  3. Physics
  4. Chemistry
  5. Selected subjects GPA of HSC
    Then GP of HSC subjects:
  6. Mathematics
  7. Physics
  8. Chemistry
    Then GP of SSC subjects:
  9. Mathematics
  10. Physics
  11. Chemistry
  12. English
    Then Year of HSC Exam :
  13. 2016
  14. 2015
c) For O-Level and A-Level students:
  • Grades to be converted to equivalent Bangladeshi grades as shown below.
    Marks (%) O/A Level Grade Equivalent SSC/HSC Grade
    80-100 A / A* A+
    71-80 B A

  • Then the same procedure will be applied as described above to be included in the final merit list.
  • Selected subjects will be as follows:
    • A level: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, plus English grades of O level will be considered.
    • O level: Grades of 5 subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English plus one remaining subject with best grade.

For Expatriate Students

For expatriate students, nominations of eligible candidates for the programmes are to be sent to IUT in order of merit based on tests conducted by the Nominating Authority and Focal Points of the Member States of the OIC as prescribed by the University, by 20 September, 2016.

It is to be noted that candidates may also apply directly through IUT web portals (, however, preference will be given to the nominated candidates.

The final selection of the students will be made by the Admission Committee of the University on receipt of nominations from Nominating Authorities, and taking into consideration of their academic performance, merit, age, past conduct and geographical distribution.

Maximum 3 candidates from each OIC member states will be given OIC scholarship. Vacant scholarships will be distributed among the remaining eligible candidates from OIC member states for scholarship.

If, however, the number of suitable candidates for a particular programme/specialization is not sufficient, it will not be offered by the University. Names of the provisionally selected candidates will be published in the website of the University (

After completing one programme at IUT, a student may be allowed to pursue a second programme if he has the minimum required grade and also selected by the Admission Committee for the same. No one is allowed to pursue more than two programmes continuously. All are required to return to their respective countries immediately after completing the programme at the University.