Previously Called Self-Financed students now Transfered to OIC-Financed Scheme

Instructions for Admission

  • Each of the candidates selected for OIC-financed scheme will have to pay US $6500 or Bangladeshi Taka equivalent of US $6500 (selling cash rate of AB bank Ltd) by 3:00 PM of the during 5 December to 7 December (11:00AM-3:00PM) and 8 December (2:00 PM-3:00 PM), failing of which will make this provisional selection automatically cancelled and vacant seat(s) will be filled up by candidate(s) from the next available merit position.
  • If the candidate has already completed the payment under self-financed scheme, then he/she has to pay an additional amount of US $1400 or Bangladeshi Taka equivalent of US $1400 (selling cash rate of AB bank Ltd) during 5 December to 7 December (11:00AM-3:00PM) and 8 December (2:00 PM-3:00 PM) to avail the OIC-Financed Scheme.
  • After payment of the fees, candidates should confirm his/her admission by showing the deposit slip, and they have to submit it's photocopy to the Accounts Office of IUT within Admission Deadline during 5 December to 7 December (11:00AM-3:00PM) and 8 December (2:00 PM-3:00 PM). In case of a Demand Draft/Pay Order, candidates have to submit the original copy to the Accounts office.
  • Candidates can also confirm his/her admission by email if the payment is made through online banking only. In this case, candidate should write his/her Name, Merit Position and Admission Test Roll on the deposit slip in Block Letters using black pen. Then send the scanned (or photo) copy of the deposit slip to the E-mail address After sending the email wait for at least 2 hours and call IUT accounts office (between 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM) over phone (8802-9291254 to 9291257 ext. 3284/3325/3217) to confirm whether they get the email. Candidates are needed to submit the original deposit slip during Registration.

Candidate List

Serial No Exam Roll Name Merit Position Previous Offer Current Offer
1 3837 SIDRATUL TAMZIDA TUBA 41 CSE Self-Financed CSE OIC-Financed
2 3296 MD. RAFAT BIN RABBANI 61 EEE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
3 2585 SEYDA ISLAM EMU 66 CSE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
4 0663 KAZI MD. ABRAR YEASER 67 CSE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
5 1997 S.M. Maheer Asef 68 MCE Self-Financed MCE OIC-Financed
6 3499 SAIDUL KABIR 70 CSE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
7 3159 ABU JAFFOR MORSHEDUL ABEDIN 71 CSE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
8 0122 FAHIM TANFEEZ MAHMOOD 72 EEE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
9 4656 MD. MAHFUZUR RAHMAN 74 CSE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
10 3881 IFTA KHAIRUL ALAM 76 CSE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
11 2669 SK. NAZMUL AHSAN 80 CSE Self-Financed MCE OIC-Financed
12 3775 FARDIN AHSAN SAKIB 84 CSE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
13 2559 MASHRUR MAHMUD MORSHED 85 CSE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
14 0481 FARIA NOOR 86 MCE Self-Financed MCE OIC-Financed
15 2728 ASIF HASAN SAMI 87 EEE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
16 2882 ADIB MAHMUD 88 CSE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
17 4471 MD ABU SAYEED ZAMEE CHOWDHURY 90 EEE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
18 4176 SHAHABUDDIN AKHAND 91 CSE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
19 3116 A.K.RAFEUL HASAN 92 EEE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
20 3723 MEHEDI HASAN ROWNAK 93 EEE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
21 1857 MD. SHAHRIAR SADID 94 EEE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
22 1694 SADAT BIN HAQUE 95 EEE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
23 1226 MD. SHAKLINE MARUF 98 CSE Self-Financed EEE OIC-Financed
24 3645 MD. ENAMUL HAQUE 102 CSE Self-Financed MCE OIC-Financed
25 2620 Touhid Islam 103 MCE Self-Financed MCE OIC-Financed
26 3493 RAYDAH NUDRAT TURNA 104 MCE Self-Financed MCE OIC-Financed
27 3586 MD. ARSHADUR RAHMAN 107 CSE Self-Financed MCE OIC-Financed
28 2268 MAHJABIN BINTE MAHBOOB 111 EEE Self-Financed MCE OIC-Financed
29 2355 NABILA ZANNAT RIFA 114 MCE Self-Financed MCE OIC-Financed
30 1527 INFITER TATHFIF 116 EEE Self-Financed MCE OIC-Financed
31 1705 AFEEF AHMED ZULKARNAEEN 117 MCE Self-Financed MCE OIC-Financed
32 1379 MD. ATIK ABRAR SOUROV 118 EEE Self-Financed MCE OIC-Financed
33 3795 MD. NAIMUR RAHMAN 119 CSE Self-Financed MCE OIC-Financed