Invitation for expressing wish for admission (2nd wish list) (30 Dec 2016 ~ 1st January 2017 11:59 PM)

After the admission of the candidates in the 1st wish call, the number of vacant seats in different departments in OIC-Financed and Self-Financed schemes is 51. To fill up the vacant seats, IUT is inviting candidates to express their wish for admission. Following categories of candidates who wish to get admitted in the next call must express their wish in the wish form (they may change department preference), otherwise they will NOT be considered for 2nd wish call.

  • Candidates who have entered their department choices but did not get any call for admission because of financial scheme choices/department preferences (for Merit Positions 1~666). If these candidates change their department choice now (or already changed during 1st wish call) from their previously given choice, their admission priority will be lower than those of the already admitted candidates. In contrast, if these candidates do not change their department preferences, their admission priority will remain unchanged.
  • Candidates who were called for admission (up to merit position 666) either in the first or second call and/or 1st wish call, but did not get admitted for any reasons.

    Candidates from this category also have to be present in the Office of the Registrar, IUT on 2nd January, 2017 (10:00 AM- 12 PM) and have to apply stating the reason for which he/she could not get admitted previously. If the reason of the candidate is satisfactory, then his/her wish may be considered. Otherwise his/her wish will not be considered.

    These candidates will have admission priority higher than the candidate with merit position 667, however will have lower admission priority than those who have already admitted and those who did not get any admission call within the merit position 1~666.

  • Candidates whose merit position are after 666 and did not get call because of merit position.

Note that the candidates of the above categories who will fail to fill up the wish form during 30 Dec 2016 to 1st January 2017 11:59 PM will not be considered for admission in the 2nd wish call.

Publication of the list of selected candidates for admission from the 2nd wish list will be announced on 02 Jan 2017 (8:00 PM).

Note further that candidates who have not provided their department choice are already excluded from the admission process, as mentioned before, and will not be able to express their wish for admission now.