IUT's Library is housed in the first floor of the Library/Cafeteria Building overlooking beautiful water pool on the eastern and southern sides. The Library has a present floor area of 1300 sq. meter with shelf space of 52,000 books. It stands close to the administrative and academic buildings. The library is fully air-conditioned and well furnished with modern furniture. It is a compact Library with built in facilities to provide various services towards the students, faculty and researchers and to perform the administrative and technical jobs.


As a partner in the universit's mission of teaching, research and service, the IUT Library mission is to deliver world-class library and information services to meet the needs of the university community and to support the university's mission to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence. The IUT Library's mission is to provide expertise services and resources to enable learning through inquiry, discovery and exchange of information. IUT Library is committed to providing a welcoming environment and values the diversity of its users and resources.

The Library collaborates in the pursuit of the universities initiatives, as expressed in the university's strategic plan, of excellence and distinctiveness by:

  • To ensure high quality service, consultation and comprehensive reference services to students, faculty and other clients
  • To provide enhanced access to information and to contribute global information resources network.
  • To acquire, manage and preservation of information resources in a broad range of formats.
  • To create an environment conducive to learning and research.
  • Recognize the importance of the library as a place on a university campus with inviting, comfortable, secure and networked spaces for learning and research.
  • To educate information retrieval and evaluation using current emerging technologies
  • To build an organization that fosters cultural diversity.
  • To participate in a variety of cooperative and reciprocal programmes.
  • To develop a highly motivated knowledgeable and skilled staff.
  • The cost-effective management of resources.


The vision of the Islamic University of Technology (IUT) Library is to be the heart of IUT's academic and research culture and to substantially contribute to the intellectual activities of the university. In carrying out this vision, the Library will acquire, manage and link information resources, both physical and virtual and will provide quality instruction to empower users to benefit form the full potential of the universe of knowledge. As more than a physical place, the Library will use state- -of-the art technology to provide information to users beyond its wall. In addition to serving our students and faculty, the Library will assist the university in achieving its commitment to Muslim Ummah by providing global information services through IUT Library web-site. It will contribute to the intellectual, cultural, and social development of the member states of the OIC. To fulfill this vision, the Library's informational professional will ensure that Islamic University of Technology meets the complex information challenges of the 21st century.

Library Administration and Management

The University Library administration is responsible for general direction of the Library, its promotion within and without the university community, personnel matters, library budget, development and relations with other university units and external groups. Much of the work consists of liaising with the university administration, academic departments, establishment, finance, planning & development and the engineering office. The work carried out in a variety of ways. The Librarian is the Head of the IUT Library and in-charge of implementing the policies, planning and administration.

The Library is managed by a group of expert personnel. Total manpower of the IUT library is ten in number. Following staff members are ready to provide services and to meet queries of information consumers:

List of employees of the office

Serial Name Designation Contact number Email Address
1 Dr. Mirza Mohd. Rezaul Islam
Ph.D in Library & Information Science
Jadavpur University, India
M.A in Library Science, University of Dhaka
Librarian (Head of University Library) Tel: 9291254-59 Ext: 3235 drmirza(AT)iut-dhaka.edu
2 Mr. Md. Ahasan Habib
B.A. (Hons). M.A.
in Information Science and Library Management,
University of Dhaka
Library Officer 9291254-59 Ext: 3276 ahasan(AT)iut-dhaka.edu
3 Mr. Md. Dulal Mia
B.A. (University of Chittagong),
Certificate Course in Library & Information Science
Assistant Secretary Cum-Library Computer
Operator 9291254-59 Ext: 3269 dulaliut(AT)gmail.com
4 Mr. A.K.M. Habibur Rahman
M.A. in Information Science and Library Management,
University of Dhaka.
M.S.S. (Sociology), University of Dhaka.
Assistant Cataloguer 01715663200 akmh(AT)iut-dhaka.edu
5 Mr. Md. Monzur Hossain
M.A. in Information Science and Library Management,
University of Dhaka.
Post Graduate Diploma in Library Science
Sr. Library Assistant 9291254-59 Ext: 3261 mhossain(AT)gmail.com
6 Mr. Hasan Mahmud Library Assistant 9291254-59 Ext: 3261


7 Mr. Md. Sadek Ali Photocopy Operator  
7 Mr. Md. Abdul Majid Mridha Sr. Photocopy Attendant  

Collection of Information Resources

The IUT Library's collection is to support the university's teaching and learning process. Most of the resources of IUT Library are closely related to the university's courses and those are classified, catalogued and displayed using international professional tools. Information resources of IUT Library include books and monographs, periodicals, projects, thesis, university catalogues, standards, tables, charts, newspapers, magazines, CD-ROMS, audio cassettes, proceedings, seminar papers, institutional publications, etc.

IUT Library collections cover the course and curriculum of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, Education, Technical Education, Environmental Science, Chemistry and Physics, Social Science, English Language etc. Besides the textbooks IUT Library have the collection of reference books. It consists mainly of data book, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, manual, world almanac etc. is housed in reference section. IUT Library have also the collection of IUT publications like IUT Newsletter, IUT News Bulletin, Brochure, Admission Announcement, IUT Calendar, IUT Statute, IUT Journal etc. is housed in the reference and research section. Currently IUT Library processes 35,500 books, 500 projects/thesis 180 bound journals, 200 CD-ROMs 30 Audio Cassettes. The Library subscribes 14 journals (hard copy) from home and abroad annually.

Library & Information Services and Facilities

Bibliographic Service

Bibliographic service is provided through compilation of bibliographies. Assistance in providing and preparing bibliographies, indexes and abstracts on request.

Current Awareness Service

Current awareness service is provided through Library Bulletin/Accession Bulletin and are circulated to faculty members.

Indexing Service

Indexing service is provided through compilation of article index of journal. Article index is prepared in alphabetical order of title. Author and Subject index also included at the end of volume. Subject index is prepared according to Library of Congress Subject Headings and Engineering Information Thesaurus.

Document Delivery Service

Faculty members, post graduate students and researcher of IUT can make request for the documents not available at IUT Library. These documents are collected and delivered free of cost.

ISBN and ISSN Service
ISBN and ISSN are obtained for IUT Publications on request.
CD ROM Search Service

Facilities for browsing and searching of CD ROMs of books, journals etc. using micro-computers are available in IUT Library. Faculty members are eligible for borrowing CD ROMs on request.

In addition to mentioned information services and product, the IUT Library also providing and maintaining some other library & information services like circulation service (lending service), reference & referral service, readers advisory service, news clippings service, reprographic service, reading hall service, literature search service, inter-library loan service, maintenance of vertical files, display of current periodicals and new arrivals, and research assistance service etc.

Reading Room Facility

IUT Library maintains reading rooms for study of library information resources. In the main room 78 users can sit together. IUT Library has facilitated a reading room for group discussion at the lobby of west side of the Library. The students can also use their personal books at the said lobby. 62 users can sit together in the lobby

Individual Study Area

IUT Library has the provision for 10 individual study of researcher, faculty and post graduate student.

Reserve Text Book Facility

Text books and course materials selected by faculty members are kept "on reserve" behind the Library Counter. These are loaned out for short periods of a few hours to faculty members with special permission from the Librarian. The student can issue reserve textbook on production of ID card from the Library Counter and use them within the Library and are not eligible for checkout. Approximate 78 student can use this facilities at a time.

Photocopying Facility

A students and faculty members are eligible to get photocopy services from the Library materials. Users are responsible complying with the copyright Act. Photocopying charge is Tk. 1.00 per impression. Lecture notes of teachers are provided free of cost.

Internet Facility

To provide faster and up-to-date information, IUT Library provides Internet searching services to its users with high speeds. The service is equipped with 14 computers. All users can browse, download, and print information materials from web resources. CD writing facilities are also available. Information consumers now have the access to the different database of knowledge.

Other Functions

  • Book Selection and Procurement
  • Subscription of Journal (Hard Copy)
  • Subscription of on-line journal
  • Maintenance of on-line network
  • Classification and cataloguing of information resources
  • Sorting and shelving of books and documents
  • Binding and preservation
  • Maintenance of library statistics etc.

Library Membership

All students, faculty, staff members, teaching assistants, research assistants of IUT are entitled to became the Library member. No fees is required to be the member of the IUT Library. Student should produce valid registration or proper authorization from the Registrar's Office along with photographs etc. They need to fill-up the prescribed Library Membership Application Form. Faculty and staff members will have to fill-up specific Library Membership Form designed for them.

Library Hours

IUT Library is open from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm on all working days. Library is also open on one weekend (Saturday) between 2.00 pm. to 10 pm. Since all the students live in campus the library is the only place where they can utilize their time by studying information resources and taking notes upto 10-00 pm on all working days.

Guidelines for the Use of the IUT Library

  • No books, periodicals, or other materials shall be removed from Library Premises without being registered at the Library counter.
  • Books and bound volumes should be handled with great care. Please avoid keeping the volumes open on the table face down, or inserting note books or pencils in between the pages and closing them. Pages must not be folded to serve as bookmarks.
  • Defects found in the books and other materials taken out for use or for borrowing should be brought immediately to the notice of the staff on duly. Books loaned should be protected from any damage.
  • Readers should not interfere with the comfort of other readers, make noise, cause damage to the library property or disfigure or mutilate or mark with ink or pencil a book, periodical, CD ROM or any other library materials in any way. Reading halls are meant for individual study only. There are separate areas for group study also.
  • Users should avoid resting their feet on tables, chairs, shelves, window sills etc.
  • A reading place may not reserved during the reader's absence from the library premises.
  • Bags, cases, ink in bottles, food or drink should not be taken into the library.
  • Please show the documents which are being taken out of the library to the staff at the check post
  • Contact the counter staff for any emergency.

Borrowing facilities

  • Borrowing facilities are available to the students, teachers, and other staff members of the university.
  • A student can borrow a maximum of 5 (five) books at any one time. A Postgraduate student may however, borrow another 2 (two) books on the recommendation of the Head of the concerned Department.
  • A teacher can borrow a maximum of 15 (fifteen) volumes at any one time. Part-time teacher can borrow a maximum of 5 (five) books at one time.
  • A staff member of the university, other than teachers can borrow a maximum of 3 (three) volumes at any one time.

Reserved books

Reserved books (limited copies), as suggested by teachers, shall be used in the Library and may not be loaned out except for overnight use on recommendation of the teachers concerned.

Reference books

Reference books like dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, manuals, handbooks etc. are only available for use in the Library.

Periodicals, magazines and journals

Latest issues of periodicals, magazines, and journals received in the Library are not loaned out except for overnight. The staff members and Post-Graduate students can borrow back issues of periodicals.

Due dates for return books

  • Books should be returned on due dates stamped on the due date slips in each book. Incase the due date happened to be a holiday the book can be returned on the next working day.
  • The Librarian reserves the right to call back any item before the due date of its return.
  • All books, journals, and information resources etc. shall be returned by the students after the completion of each semester.

Overdue fines

Books are to be returned on their due dates. If the books are not returned on due dates, the borrower is liable to be charged an overdue fine of Tk.5.00 per volume per week, and for overnight issues Tk.1.00 per day per volume.

Lost books and periodicals

  • The borrower shall be liable to replace a lost volume within two months or pay its replacement cost which shall be two times of the current values of the volume.
  • All lost cases must be reported to the Librarian by the borrowers immediately.

Security guards

At the entrance of the Library, a guard may check the borrowed items taken out of Library. Personal bags, books, umbrellas, overcoats, etc. shall not be allowed to be taken inside the Library. They can be deposited with the security guard at the entrance, and taken back while leaving the Library.

Clearance certificate

  • A student must return all books borrowed from the Library to obtain a clearance certificate from the Librarian, after completion of his course or at the time of discontinuing his studies.
  • A clearance certificate from the Librarian is a pre-requisite for all students to obtain certificates for their respective course of studies.
  • The members of the staff are required to return all books, dissertations, information resources, etc. to the Library for obtaining clearance at the time of expiry of service with the university.

Other guidelines

  • No one shall be allowed to borrow volumes in more than one capacity.
  • The Librarian shall have the right to refuse lending out volumes except to the borrower in person.
  • The library shall remain closed to all members during the stock-taking and all transactions shall remain stopped.
  • All volumes, irrespective of the dates of issue, shall be returned to the library on or before a date, fixed by the Librarian not more than seven days in advance, before the commencement of the stock-taking during vacation of the library.
  • A volume or volumes, may be reissued to the same borrower, at the expiry of the period for which the borrower was entitled to retain them, on physical presentation and checking of the volume or volumes, provided that there is no demand by other members for the same.
  • No volume issued to a member shall be transferred to another member without first returning the volume to the library.


  • Smoking inside the Library is strictly prohibited.
  • Silence should be observed and noise making avoided as far as possible while coming in and leaving the Library.
  • Books should not be shelved by the borrowers. They may be kept on the table after use or handed over to the assistant on duty at the library counter.
  • Mobile telephones, pagers, and other electronic alarm devices should be switched off while being taken into the Library.