Provost Office

Prof. Dr. Md. Ruhul Amin
Provost, Halls of Residence

List of employees of the office

Serial Name Designation Contact number Email Address
1 Prof. Dr. Md. Ruhul Amin Provost +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3226 ruhul(AT)
2 Tareque Mohmud Chowdhury Assistant Provost (Admin) North Hall +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3229, 3254 tareque(AT)
3 Dr. Md. Shahadat Hossain Khan Assistant Provost (Admin) South Hall +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3213 shkhants(AT)
4 Dr. Md. Hasanul Kabir Assistant Provost (Food) Central Cafeteria +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3275 hasanul(AT)
5 Dr. Ashik Ahmed Assistant Provost (Food), North Cafeteria +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3313 ashikhmd(AT)
6 Dr. A. R. M. Harunur Rashid Assistant Provost (Maintenance) North Hall +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3334 a_rashid(AT)
7 Rakibul Hasan Sagor Assistant Provost (South Hall) +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3314 sagor(AT)
8 A.K.M Shahidur Rahman Hall Assistant (North Cafeteria) +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3270 shahidur(AT)
9 Md. Imran Hossain Hall Assistant (Central Cafeteria) +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3299 imran(AT)

List of Employees of the Halls and Cafeteria:

Serial Name Designation Contact number Email Address
1 Md. Abu Syed Md. Yusuf Sr. Hall Supervisor,South Hall +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3216
2 Md. Sujat Ali Sardar Hall Supervisor, North Hall +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3248
3 Md. Mahbubul Alam Cafeteria Supervisor +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3298
4 Md. Shamsuzzaman Chowdhury Assistant Secretary +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3271
5 Md. Anwarul Islam Babul Assistant Cafe Store keeper +88-02-9291254-59 Ext-3298
6 Md.Md. Azad Ali Khan AssistantCafé Store keeper +88-02-9291254-59Ext-3210
7 Md.Shah Alam Chef +88-02-9291254-59Ext-3210  
8 Md.Abdur Rahman Chef +88-02-9291254-59Ext-3279  
9 Md.Boshir Uddin Sr.Assistant Chef    
10 Md.Shaheb Ali Sr.Assistant Chef    
11 Md.Giash Uddin Attendant    
12 Md.Moklasur Rahman SecurityAttendant Ext-3263  
13 Md. Rafiqul Islam Security Attendant Ext-3263