General Info

The newly admitted students of Academic Year 2016-2017 and all other post graduate students have to take their food using the newly introduced smart card system.

How to get the card?

Students need to collect their smart card from the Registrar office after paying an amount of BDT 300.00 to the AB Bank Limited, Board Bazar, Gazipur. Then from IUTSIS( transfer balance for smart card and submit the printed receipt to registrar office or get the transaction ID from receipt and inform registrar office your transaction ID.

How to deposit money?

The students have to deposit required amount of money to the smart card account for their food to be taken by the smart card system.
Account Name : IUT Smart Card Account
Account No : 4018-752333-430

To deposit money in the bank you have to put your student ID and name on the deposit slip and use the above account information. This amount will be available to your account which can also be checked from IUT SIS smart card section.

How to use the money?

From the smart card section you can transfer balance for different purposes. After making any payment, a receipt will be generated. Print the receipt and submit to corresponding office. Currently students can pay money for:

  • Smart Card
  • Grade Sheet
  • Transcript
  • Food
Cafeteria bill for non-residential students will be directly deducted from this balance. A non-residential student will not be able to collect food, if s/he doesn't have sufficient balance. A student can check his/her balance, recharge history and transaction history from IUT SIS.
Before adding any balance to the account every student is advised to have a secure password for IUT SIS. S/he will be solely responsible for all the transactions made from her/his account.

How to use smart cafeteria system?

  • Smart cafeteria system functions with a touch panel where the initial page looks as below. Just place your smart card in the card holder and carry on to the next step.

  • Below is a demo view for a non-residential student trying to make a purchase for a single meal.

  • For purchasing multiple meals at a time the view looks as below. For non-residential students their current meal cost, current balance and remaining balance is shown at the lower right corner of the panel.

  • Below is a preview for residential student. A residential student cannot take multiple meals and do not have to deal with money as well.

  • Once meal has been selected and confirmed from the smart counter, a token will be generated. Preserve it and show it to the food serving corner to have your meals served.